Minato Sushi

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Minato Ramen

Ramen Noodles, fried pork, egg, marinated chili, veggies, homemade soup

Vegetable Udon

Noodles in a bonito soya soup with vegetables

Hae Dup Bap

Sashimi and salad greens in a large rice bowl with spicy sauce, served with rice and miso

Kaiso Salad

Mixed seaweed and natural seed with sesame dressing

California Maki

Avocado, cucumber, crab stick and capelin roe

Spicy Dragon Maki

Shrimp tempura with BBQ eel and avocado on top

Chirashi Dinner

Fresh sashimi in a box of sushi rice, served with salads and miso

Hana Combo

20 piece combination of nigiri and maki with edamame

Spicy Minato Maki

Salmon and avocado inside with salmon and avocado on top

Yokohama Dinner

10 pieces of nigiri and a salmon roll, served with salads and miso


Lightly battered, lightly fried 2 shrimp and 4 vegetables with tempura sauce

Bento Box No. 2

Chicken teriyako, salmon roll, tempura, gyoza (dumplings), salad and miso

Rainbow Maki

California Roll with a variety of fish on top

Inari Nigiri

Fried Bean Curd with rice inside


Pan-fried, lightly seasoned scallop with mixed vegetables


Grilled eel with kabayaki sauce served on rice with miso soup